What is Delta's policy on bags?

What is Delta's policy on bags? 

Travelers commuting via Delta flights must take the information regarding the baggage allowance they receive to avoid any additional fee for checking their bags. It is convenient to consider learning about Delta Baggage policy when reserving seats or before the travel date. From the following context, attain the baggage allowance policies applied by Delta and pack your travel bags accordingly. 

Baggage policies of Delta Airlines:

  • Everyone can carry one piece of carry-on baggage in the flight’s cabin. 
  • The carry-on baggage should not weigh more than 22 lbs, including the wheels and handles of the bag. 
  • When a carry-on bag exceeds the given limit, it will be transferred to the hold baggage section and the passenger will have to bear the charges. 
  • The checked baggage on Delta is subjected to an additional fee or depends on the flight's cabin class. 
  • A maximum of 2 standard bags are allowed to check-in per person for free based on the flight’s cabin.
  • A single piece of checked baggage should not be over 23 kg. 
  • One can add up to 10 checked bags, with Delta paying the necessary amount. 
  • Any odd size and shape of items are carried on Delta flights as a special item category as it needs extra care and handling for transportation. 

What is the baggage size policy for Delta? 

The dimensions of the baggage are also necessary to review before arriving at the airport, as Delta Airlines is strict about the baggage sizes and imposes charges if more than the permitted limit. The Delta baggage size policy you should be familiar with is outlined below:

  • Carry-On bag: 56*35*23 cm
  • Checked Baggage: 62 Linear inches
  • Oversized Checked Baggage: 64 to 80 Linear inches

How many bags does Delta allow for free? 

Generally, Delta allows passengers to carry one piece of carry-on baggage and a personal item for free. However, depending on the travel class you have made the reservation, the free baggage allowance is determined. Review your fare conditions or connect with an agent to learn how many bags you can take on your Delta flight for free. 

How much does baggage cost on Delta? 

The cost of baggage varies depending on fare class, flight route, frequent flyer status, and many other things. Get an overview of the average fees for adding bags on the Delta flight from below:

  • A LugLess carry-on bag: $14 to $39
  • A LugLess checked baggage: $20 to $45
  • First checked baggage: $35
  • Second checked baggage: $45
  • Fourth plus checked baggage: $2000

How do I avoid Delta baggage fees?

No one would like to pay an additional fee on their flight reservation to get a baggage allowance. However, carrying bags is too essential. Therefore, here are some things outlined one can follow to avoid the Delta baggage fees at their convenience:

  • Book on premium class: to receive a free baggage allowance on the flight, you should opt for a premium class cabin with Delta. By doing this, you will not only avoid paying the baggage fee but also get high-class amenities and seats. 
  • Get Delta Medallion status: One must earn the Delta Medallion status to carry bags without extra cost. The companions with the Delta Medallion members also receive the free baggage benefit on the flight.
  • Own a Delta credit card: Delta credit card holders receive an extra allowance for baggage on the flight, irrespective of passenger class. So, get a Delta credit card and purchase the flight ticket through it to unlock benefits. 

What is the 20-minute Delta baggage policy?

The Delta baggage policy 20 minutes states that if baggage does not appear in the carousel within 20 minutes of landing at the destination, the concerned passenger will be eligible for 2500 bonus miles as compensation.