Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance, fees & Policy

What is the Turkish Airlines baggage policy? 

Passengers must read the Turkish Airlines baggage guidelines before buying the tickets. The airline follows strict policies for luggage and charges an extra amount if the limit exceeds the suggested dimension or weight. Read the terms and conditions below to guide you before booking the flight. 

  • Turkish Airlines follows the piece and weight baggage policy. On certain routes piece luggage policy is applicable. If not, you are required to follow the weight policy. Thus, you need to check the route and fare conditions.   
  • Generally, the baggage piece concept isn’t applied to domestic flights, so the kilogram policy is continued. 
  • Passengers are restricted from carrying certain items for the safety of flyers. Besides, you aren’t allowed to bring the prohibited items onboard. 
  • The airline doesn’t allow a weight of more than 32 kg. You need to carry another bag after paying the extra baggage fee. 
  • Infant travelers can allow a piece of the bag up to 10 kg. Moreover, strollers can’t be more than 115 cm. For inquiries, connect with customer support. 

How much luggage is allowed in flight Turkish Airlines? 

The airline permits carry-on baggage, checked baggage, sports equipment, and musical instruments. 

Cabin baggage:

Turkish Airlines carry-on baggage allowance for economy class: 

The dimensions of the carry-on bags can be more than 23x40x55, and the weight should not exceed 8 kg. 
Personal items should be at most the measurement 40x30x15. Moreover, the load can be above 4 kg. 

Checked baggage:

Passengers can carry 1 checked bag should not be more than 158 cm in dimension. The weight can be up to 23 kg for the Economy fare and 32 kg if booked for the Business fare.

Sports Equipment:

Sports equipment is carried as checked baggage and exceeds 32 kg and needs to be divided into two pieces of bags. Passengers will be charged separately for different bags. 

Does Turkish Airlines give you free baggage? 

Passengers don’t have to pay for the baggage if the bags are within the permissible limits. For cabin baggage, the limit is 23x40x55 for carry-on bags and 40x30x15 for personal items. Moreover, checked baggage can’t be more than 23 kg for economy class. For business class, you can carry the size of cabin bags, and personal items are 158 and 32 kg. However, you will be charged additional Turkish Airlines baggage fees when the limit exceeds.

What is the baggage weight limit for Turkish Airlines? 

Turkish Airlines baggage weight restrictions for economy and business classes are 23 kg and 32 kg, respectively. If the load is more, flyers must pay for the extra baggage. 

What happens if your baggage is over 23kg on Turkish Airlines? 

Suppose your bag weighs over 23 kg, and you book economy fare. Travelers have to pay the additional amount according to the Turkish Airlines baggage policy. After paying the cost, you can carry up to 32 kg. Turkish passengers who purchase Business fares are entitled to carry a maximum of 32 kg without bearing the extra cost. 

How much is each extra kg on Turkish Airlines? 

Usually, the airline charge around $ 80 for each additional piece of luggage between 23kg to 32 kg for the economy fare. A bag can only carry up to 32 kg. Beyond that, you are required to divide into two or more pieces. 

Do Turkish Airlines allow 3 bags for international students? 

As per the guidelines, Turkish Airlines baggage allowance for students can’t be more than 40 kg. If you booked a student passenger type, flyers can carry around 2X23 kg per piece concept. 

How much do I have to pay for extra luggage with Turkish Airlines?

Students are allowed a Turkish Airlines baggage allowance of 40kg. However, Economy Flyers will be charged around $ 80 when their limit exceeds 23 kg. After paying the additional amount, you can carry up to 32 kg. If the limit exceeds 32 kg, you can carry another bag of 32 kg at an additional cost of $ 80. 

Business travelers can carry an extra bag of 32 kg. But you must pay $ 80 when the luggage load is more than 32 kg. In that case, you are allowed to carry an extra bag of 32 kg.