A Guide to Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy | Avoid fees

What is the Spirit Airlines baggage policy? 

If you are planning to board your flight with Spirit Airlines, make sure you know Spirit Airline's baggage policy so that you can pack accordingly. To know about the Airline terms and conditions with the baggage, look at the points mentioned below.

  • Spirit Airlines allows you to carry personal items like a purse or a small backpack in the aircraft free of charge, as it is included in the Airline ticket; the size should be 18 x 14 x 8 inches, including the wheels and handles.
  • If you are flying with a carry-on, you must pay the baggage fee to Spirit Airline, and the dimensions allotted are 22 x 18 x 10 inches all over. 
  • And for checked baggage, the maximum weight allowance is 40 pounds, and the dimensions are 62 inches, including the length + width + height.
  • If you exceed the weight limit provided by the Airline, then you have to pay extra charges to the Airline.
  • Spirit Airlines offers free carry-on and checked baggage for active-duty military travelers.

How much does Spirit Airlines charge for baggage? 

The Airline charge for carry-on and checked baggage and add extra charges if your bag is overweight. To know Spirit Airlines baggage fees read the information given below.

  • If you have made the check-in online, you must pay $41 for your carry-on baggage; at the Airport, you must pay $55.
  • For your 1st checked baggage, you must pay $36 at online check-in and $50 if you check in offline.
  • On online check-in, $46 must be paid for your second checked baggage, and if you are making it through the Airport, you must pay $60.
  • For third and fourth checked bags, you must pay $91 online check-in and $100 at the Airport.

How do I avoid paying the baggage fees on Spirit Airlines? 

  • If you want to avoid paying the baggage fee for your Spirit Airline flight, then that travel by carrying just one personal item that can be fitted underneath the front seat in your aircraft or the upper head cabinet.
  • If you are an active member of the Military, you do not have to pay any charges for the baggage, as Airline provides free baggage service; make sure you have your military documents. 
  • Pay for your baggage during the online booking process to avoid paying the baggage fee at the Airport.

How many bags can you carry on with Spirit Airlines for free? 

According to the Spirit Airlines baggage policy, the Airline allows you one carry-on bag, which is counted as your item; you take carry along with one piece of handbag, laptop bag, or a backpack for free of charge, as it is already included in your flight ticket. But make sure the weight and the dimensions of your carry-on are the same as asked by the Airline; otherwise, it will be counted as a checked bag, and you will then have to pay the charges of it to the representative of the Airline.

Is a personal bag free on Spirit Airlines? 

Yes, Spirit Airlines does allow you to carry one personal item for free, but the dimension of the bag should be under the given digits, and also it should match Spirit Airlines' carry-on weight limit; otherwise, the Airline will not consider it a personal bag, it will be counted as checked baggage, and you will then have to pay the charges to the Airline.

What kind of bag can you bring on Spirit Airlines for free?

As carry-on baggage, the Airline allows you to carry along one personal item for free in the aircraft, which can be your purse, handbag, laptop bag, or a small backpack; these category baggage are allowed by the Airline to carry for free, and if you have any other doubt regarding your carry-on baggage or any other query then you can get in touch with the live human of the Airline by calling on Spirit Airlines baggage claim phone number. There you will get assistance from the representative.

How many bags does Spirit allow for free?

Spirit Airlines allows you to carry a single bag for free, as according to the Airline's policy, we can only carry one piece of the personal item along with free of charge, and it should be under the given size and weight that is provided by the Airline through their baggage policy terms and conditions so that it can be fitted in the aircraft's front seat, or in the cabin which is located on the upper head of your seat.

Do you have to pay for all bags on Spirit? 

Yes, apart from one personal item, Spirit Airline charge for all checked and carry-on baggage, and to know about the amount you have you pay for a piece of particular categorized can go through the Spirit Airlines baggage policy and fees, which are located in the official website of the Airline, or else you can speak with the customer support by calling on the Airline helpline number. The agent will provide you with the information regarding the baggage service and will solve all your queries.

What is the weight limit for Spirit airline baggage? 

Every Airline has there different weight limit allotted to the passengers, according to which they can pack their baggage, as Spirit Airlines' baggage weight limit is 40 Ibs which is 18.1 kg per bag; if the weight of your baggage is more than the given digits, then you have to pay the extra charges to the Airline as per the extended limit of the baggage weight.

What happens if your bag weighs over 50 pounds of Spirit? 

If you have overpacked your bag, and it ends up with a weight of 50 pounds, then you have to pay the additional charges to Spirit Airline, which is around $50 per bag if your bag weight is 41 to 50 pounds, as the Airline allows you to carry 40 pounds per bag and if the weight of your bag goes 50 to 70 pounds, then you have to pay $75 for each.

Is it cheaper to make the payment for checked baggage online by Spirit Airlines?

The amount you pay for your checked baggage while making an online check-in is usually higher than the amount you have to pay at the Airport, so yes, Spirit Airlines baggage check-in online is cheaper than the offline mode, so to avoid paying the extra amount to the Airline, you can proceed with the online process, where you can make the payment for you baggage online through the website of the Airline during the process of making your flight reservation