WestJet Seat Selection Process | Fees | Policy

How do I select a seat on WestJet?

When you wish to select your seat on WestJet after the reservation is completed, you get the option of managing the booking. You get the seat map to choose your favorite seat depending on your selected classes during the booking service. Find simple steps to choose a seat on WestJet Airlines, where you choose your preferred seat using a seat map and create your flight journey.

  • First, visit the booking website of WestJet Airlines and go to the manage booking section above on the same page.
  • Enter the correct reference number and last name of the passenger, click the continue button, and select your seat.
  • Go to the seat map and choose your favorite seat for the Window, Aisle, or Middle section that you can select by the class’s categories.
  • Get the wide space or choose extra legroom to travel to your destination and ensure you review your seat.
  • Select the payment section and choose your debit and credit card to make payment for the seat selection.   

Get details for the WestJet seat selection policy:

When you understand the specific rules and policies for seat selection, you will find suggestions to select a seat on WestJet as per your needs and requirements. But if you encounter trouble, learn the seat selection policy is listed below.

  • WestJet makes you eligible to select your seat in advance when booking your flight ticket online and avoiding extra charges.
  • You will find the option for seat selection within 24 hours before flight departure and select your favorite seat instantly.
  • If you don’t choose any seat to reserve in advance, you can select the standard seat at no fee during check-in time.
  • If you make any choices like extra legroom or wide space or looking for exit row seat selection, you must pay the charges.
  • If you are a premium business passenger and want to select your seat on WestJet Airlines, you are not required to pay any charges.

How do I choose my seat on WestJet after booking?

When you wish to choose your seat after completing your reservation, you may access the managed booking up to 24 hours before flight departure. You can also expect to get the best WestJet Seat Selection process during check-in time at the airport conveniently. If you still find some trouble and don’t know what to do, connect with a real person who is free to assist you over a phone call.

What happens if I don't select my seat on WestJet?

When you don’t prefer to select your seat at the time of booking, and you receive a confirmation message, you can select your seat during check-in time. If you still skip your seat selection process during check-in or manage booking, WestJet will assign you a seat automatically.

Do you have to pay for seat selection on WestJet?

You can select your seat at no cost within 24 hours, but if you make any preference during a seat selection, pay the WestJet seat selection fees accordingly. Your seat selection fee could vary depending on the fares and destination.

How do I avoid the seat selection fee on WestJet?

If you want to avoid the seat selection fee on WestJet Airways, you can book your seat during a flight booking. But if want WestJet free seat selection, don’t reserve your seat in advance and select a standard seat during check-in time and avoid paying extra.