How to make a group reservation on Latam Airlines?

How to make a group reservation on Latam Airlines?

You can apply for a group booking at LATAM using their legal site: and request a group booking quotation by following the given procedure:

  • Jump to the Latam Trade site.
  • Scroll down and tap on the Manuals and Tools option to land the quotation window.
  • On your screen, you’ll find the LATAM Airlines group booking link as LATAM Groups. Tap on the link to get accustomed to their group travel policy as well as the route to do so. 
  • Enter the following details to request a group booking quote at Latam:
  • Passenger names
  • Air travel segments
  • Telephone numbers from the origin and destination
  • E-mail
  • Emergency contact for all our flights (PCTC), etc.
  • A customer support executive, upon receiving your request, will revert to you with the quoted price as per your requirements, and you can then continue with the booking. 

What is LATAM Airlines' group reservation policy?

LATAM has a thorough and quite informative group booking policy displayed on its legal website. Here’s a quick glimpse of LATAM Airlines group booking policy for your reference:

  • Group reservations are made only when the lot consists of 10 or more passengers all traveling together between the same arrival-departure destinations.
  • You can choose the brand fare for your trip and request a quotation.
  • All the information(mentioned above) you enter to claim eligibility for a group reservation must be verified and cross-checked to avoid ambiguity. 
  • Group travel bookings are non-refundable at Latam Airlines.
  • The above policy is established to explain how group bookings work at LATAM, but to conclude the features, go through the following paragraph:

Key Features of LATAM Airlines Group Booking:

LATAM Airlines is committed to serving their passengers with special food requests, and your pets are assisted well, comprising excellent LATAM Airlines Group booking benefits. You get a personal customer agent from LATAM’s ground staff to help you throughout. You get preferred seatings as per availability, and every member of the group is well-assisted.

How to Make a Group Booking With “LATAM Airlines” Through Call?

LATAM provides eminent customer support throughout the clock, and hence to make a travel reservation for a group, Dial LATAM Airlines group booking phone number: 1 866 435 9526 and follow the IVR prompts. Press # to speak to a live representative from LATAM’s dedicated help desk and ask your queries for a smooth booking procedure. The representative will soon compare the group booking prices and provide a suitable quote once you contact LATAM Airlines for group booking.