What is the baggage allowance with Lufthansa?

What is the baggage allowance with Lufthansa?

A passenger who booked a flight with Lufthansa wants to know the rules for free Lufthansa baggage allowance based on travel class. You will find the dimensions of the baggage allowed in the mentioned details. Also, the free baggage allowance also depends on the ticket you have purchased.

  • For Economy Light - Passengers can bring free carry-on baggage up to 8kg.
  • A person who owns Economy Classic & Flex can carry one carry-on baggage of up to 8 kg, and one checked luggage of up to 23kg.
  • Business Class travelers can take two carry-on luggage up to 8kg and two checked baggage, each bag up to 32 kg.

What is the baggage allowance on the Lufthansa economy?

If you are traveling with Lufthansa in Economy class, you can take one carry-on baggage of up to 8 kg and one checked luggage of up to 23 kg for free. For passengers who wish to check in with additional baggage, the Lufthansa checked baggage fee will be imposed, depending on the weight and route the customer has booked. Once the extra baggage fee is paid, then it will not be refunded.

How many bags are allowed on Lufthansa international flights?

Lufthansa Airlines has issued a few dimensions that are allowed under different classes. To know the Lufthansa baggage policy, you should read the following details as it contains all the aspects.

  • Economy Light Travellers for International flights can bring one carry-on baggage for free.
  • The travelers who hold the tickets for Economy Class are supposed to take one carry bag of up to 8 kg and one checked bag of up to 23kg for free.
  • Premium Economy Class passengers can bring carry-on baggage up to 8kg and two bags of checked baggage with a weight limit of 23 kg without additional charges.
  • Business Class Customers can carry two items of carry-on luggage, each up to 8kg, and two checked bags up to 32 kg.
  • Travelers flying with First Class of Lufthansa Airlines should bring two carry-on baggage weighing up to 8kg, and three checked luggage with a weight limit of 32 kg each bag.

Can I have a carry-on and a backpack with Lufthansa?

Customers who have purchased the Economy Classic and Premium Economy then have the flexibility to bring one cabin bag with the weight restriction of 8 kg and two items of checked baggage but with the Lufthansa check-in baggage weight limit of 23kg. Also, the passengers can bring one smaller bag, such as a handbag or laptop bag. If the person wants to bring an extra bag then they should pay the excess baggage fee which depends on the weight limit.

How much does Lufthansa charge per bag?

Passengers who wish to carry additional baggage should pay the extra baggage fee on Lufthansa to avoid the last-minute check-in inconvenience. Travelers who want to bring excess weight on Lufthansa domestic flights pay USD 70 and USD 150 for international flights. But if the dimensions exceed 159 cm in Economy and Economy Premium Class of domestic flight, the charges will be USD 150 per bag. However, if the weight limit is more than 159cm for international flights, the customer must pay USD 300 as an excess baggage fee.