How do I get my money back from AirAsia?

How do I get my money back from AirAsia?

Suppose you booked a flight with AirAsia, and you want to cancel it due to some reasons, for example, illness, poor weather, and other associated reason for you want to get a refund from AirAsia; so you are suggested to look at the steps written below:

Steps to request a refund from AirAsia online:

  • Visit the official website of AirAsia.
  • Secondly, you have to tap on My Bookings. 
  • You must enter all your ticket details, such as PNR Number, last name, etc. 
  • There you have to cancel your flight, and you have to fill up the refund form, and submit it. 
  • In 7-14 business days, you may get a refund from AirAsia, and in case of delay, you can contact the airline. 

Can I get a refund from AirAsia?

Yes, you can get a refund, but there is an AirAsia refund policy that you are suggested to keep in mind to avoid any additional charges imposed by the airline, and some of them are written following; please look;

  • You will be awarded a full refund if you make a flight canceled within 24 hours of the booking. 
  • If you cancel your flight (post 24 hours of booking), you may not be able to get a full refund, or there will be some fees you may have to incur to the airline. 
  • If you are a non-refundable ticket holder, you may not be able to claim a refund from the airline; however, refundable ticket holders can claim. 

How long does it take for AirAsia to refund?

Usually, the airline takes 7-14 days to process a refund to passengers. However, if a refund is not processed on time, you can get in touch with AirAsia to get updates on the same. 

How much refund can I get if I cancel my flight with AirAsia?

There are different slabs for getting airasia refund on canceling a flight, and to know about them, you are advised to go through the points mentioned:

  1. You will get a 100% refund from the airline if a flight is canceled within 24 hours of the booking. 
  2. If you do not cancel your flight within the prescribed time limits, there will be a cut of around 10% of the fee out of your total ticket fare. (This percentage may vary from day to day, depending on your booking day.) 

How do I contact AirAsia for a refund?

If you want to contact AirAsia for a refund, you can adopt different methods, and those are below; please go through them. 

  • You can request a refund from the AirAsia method where you have to fill out the information and submit the form. 
  • You can also contact AirAsia to claim a refund from the airline through this phone number +14085820371. 

How do I check my AirAsia refund status?

There is a feasible way to check your AirAsia refund status on the airline, and the points are mentioned below; please have a look:

  • You must install the AirAsia application on your device. 
  • Open the application and log in with your credentials. 
  • Tap on “My Account” to continue the process. 
  • You will find “My cases,” tap on it. 
  • There you will find the refund status.