How do I choose my seat on Spirit Airlines?

How do I choose my seat on Spirit Airlines? 

The travelers who wish to fly with Spirit Airlines and also like to get a seat of their choice on the flight, here is the Spirit Airlines seat selection process that can be considered for the same:

  • First, the individual needs to open the Spirit Airlines page,
  • Put the required destination and set the dates for the flight,
  • Tap the “Search Flights” button, and the available flights will show on the screen,
  • View the available options and choose the one that matches your travel schedule,
  • Then you will proceed to the passenger details page,
  • Look for the “Seat selection” option on the additional assistance page,
  • Pick the seat that you want from the seat map,
  • Proceed to pay the seat selection charges,
  • And then, your Spirit Airlines flight booking with the chosen seat will be completed. 

What is the Spirit Airlines seat selection policy?

There are certain conditions to pick a seat of your choice on the flight and know about the same. You have to check the Spirit Airlines seat selection policy, which is listed down below:

  • There are charges for picking a seat on your flight.
  • The seat selection is allowed till you complete the check-in.
  • The flight purchased from a different party will not be eligible for the seat selection contacting Spirit Airlines.
  • The seat will be assigned randomly if a passenger skips the seat selection step till check-in. 

How do I contact Spirit Airlines for seat selection?

A person wanting to get a preferred seat assigned on their flight can contact customer service using the phone number 1 (855) 728-3555 and request to choose a seat on Spirit Airlines flight. Regarding the seat selection, you need to share the flight confirmation number and your full name with the person on call, and in a moment, you will be provided with the available seat options.

How much does it cost to pick seats on Spirit?

The cost of picking a seat on a Spirit Airlines flight is $5. The Spirit Airlines seat selection cost may vary based on the location, route, and availability. So, to get the best seat, consider selecting a seat at the earliest. 

Can you select seats on Spirit after booking?

Yes, one can select a seat on Spirit Airlines after the booking, and for the same, the required procedure is as follows:

  • Go to the homepage of Spirit Airlines,
  • Then opt for the “My Trips” section.
  • You have to find your trip with the help of the flight confirmation number and full name,
  • After receiving your trip details on the page, look for the “Seat Selection” option,
  • Immediately a seat map will open on your screen,
  • You can opt for a seat of your choice from the availability,
  • Then pay the applicable seat selection charges and the same will be assigned on your Spirit Airlines flight. 

How do I avoid paying for a seat on Spirit?

If you like to avoid the seat selection charges at Spirit Airlines and want to get a seat of your choice, reach the airport early for the check-in. At the time of check-in at the airport, you can ask for the available seats and choose from the same; at that time, no charges will be applicable.