How do I change my Hertz reservation?

Can I modify a Hertz reservation? 

Yes, you can make changes to the Hertz reservation. Hertz is one of the largest worldwide car rental companies that provides vehicle service to convenient locations along with safety and comfort. Suppose you have made a reservation with Hertz and you missed adding some details to it or want to make some modifications to it. You can do so by going through certain policies and procedures mentioned under the Hertz reservation.  

How do I change my Hertz reservation?

To make changes or amendments to the existing reservation made with Hertz, you need to adhere to certain guidelines and procedures of Hertz Modify reservation, which are mentioned below for your reference.

  • Skim through the official portal of Hertz.
  • Then, you need to go to the “manage car reservation” page.
  • Now, enter your car reservation details, like the reference number and the last name, and click the next button.
  • After that, modify your details and save your changes.
  • Make payment for the changes that you have made.
  • Receive a confirmation email on your registered email ID. 

How much does it cost to change the Hertz car rental? 

You might have rented a car via Hertz, which, for some reason, you want to cancel or change. You need to pay some car rental modification fees to enjoy the services as per your own needs and requirements. You need to keep certain things in mind so that you can pay the cost to change your Hertz reservation accordingly:
If you make modifications to the Hertz car reservation within 24 hours of booking, you need not have to incur any charges for such changes. 

You can also be exempted from paying any compensation for making amendments to the existing car reservation in case you change or extend the reservation any time before your scheduled pickup for up to 12 months. 

You need to pay the cancellation charges for making changes to your existing car reservation in case you cancel after 24 hours of car booking and before your scheduled pickup. You are entitled to pay $100 as a penalty fee for such changes. 

Can I change my Hertz pickup location?

No, you cannot change Hertz reservation pickup locations; you can only drop off your car at different locations. The criteria for making changes to the existing car reservation for your desired location are as follows:

  • The lead customer name and the pickup location cannot be altered. In case you wish to make alterations to the pickup location, you need to cancel the whole booking and make a new one.
  • You can only avail of the choice of dropping off your car at a different location if it has already been confirmed with Hertz in advance. This is because the drop-off arrangements are dependent on the availability of drop-off spaces at your desired location. 

Note: In case you have already booked a car on rent and wish to alter its drop-off location. You can also call the budget at their official phone number, which is 800-527-7000, and ask them to change your drop-off point.