How do I change my flight date on Vistara?

How do I change my flight date on Vistara? 

After making the flight reservations there are flight booking there are many external factors that arise due to which you want to modify the travel date, such as medical issues, the meeting getting postponed, weather issues, etc. In these situations, airlines allow you to reschedule the bookings and choose to date as per your plan. Traveling with Vistara Airlines, you will get multiple facilities. If you cannot travel on your desired date, you can also change your Vistara flight ticket. Read below to know the modes by which you can modify the flight date. 

Steps to change Vistara flight ticket online:

  • Go to Vistara Airlines' official website.
  • Next, click on the "manage my booking" tab. 
  • It will retrieve your booking and take you to your reservation summary. 
  • Select 'Change Flight' 
  • Touch your flight.
  • Choose your desired flight Click on your preferred date.
  • Choose your new flight.
  • Tap 'Finish' to finally change your flight.

Contact Vistara Airline to change the flight:

You can change the flight booking through a call just dial the Vistara customer care number 1 4804435249 or 18023413458  & reach the representative and give your booking details to them, and they will provide you with information regarding the flights on your selected date. If any seats are available on your selected flight, reserve your bookings.

Via counter: 

While reaching the airport, if you get into trouble, you can also visit the counter of Vistara Airlines and give your relevant information to them & change your flight ticket date.

Vistara Flight Change Policy information:

The information about flight change policies is essential as it will give you knowledge about whether you have to pay the cancelation cost and whether you can do it without paying charges. 

  • As per the Vistara flight change policy, if you send the request to change flights within 24 hours and the days left before the flight departure are more than seven days, you can change the flight without charges. After surpassing the free change window, the costs are applicable. 
  • You do not need to pay the flight change charges if you change the bookings due to any medical issue, but you have relevant medical certificates in this situation. 
  • If your flight is delayed in boarding for above 3 hours due to the airline's fault, then you can change the bookings without paying charges.
  • In all other cases, you can change the Vistara flight, but the charges are applicable, which you have to pay at the time of rescheduling.  

What is the Vistara flight change fee? 

The Vistara flight change charges will depend upon the route of the flight and the time left on the flight departure date. International flights pay 250 USD to 320 USD, and for domestic destinations, 180 USD to 250 USD. 

Can we change the date on the Vistara flight?

Yes, you can change the vistara flight date and choose the new date as per your convenience plan. To change the date, you have to call this number 1 4804435249/18023413458 and select the language you are comfortable connecting. After this, the representative will reschedule your bookings. 

Can we change the flight date after booking Vistara?

Yes, if you are not willing to travel, you will get the option to reschedule the vistara flight, but you can only change the bookings if you are not breaching any policy or seat availability and do not make the check-in process. 

How to change flight time in Vistara?

If you want to know about Vistara's change flight time, follow the points below.

  • Search for the website of Vistara Airlines 
  • Then click on the manage booking option, and mention your last name and booking reference number. 
  • further, you need to click to change the time of the flight and choose the new time
  • Select the new flight, save the change, and pay the charges. 

Can we reschedule Vistara international flight?

Yes, you can reschedule the international flight bookings only before your 4 hours or check-in time, and you need to pay the vistara flight rescheduling charges. You can reschedule it through the Vistara airport counter or by dialing their help number.