How do I cancel my flight with Copa Airlines?

How do I cancel my flight with Copa Airlines? 

Copa Airlines understands that passengers' plans may get changed due to some unavoidable personal or other issues. Hence the Airline has devised a number of different methods using which a customer can cancel a Copa flight if required. You can call the customer care team of the Airline who will help you cancel the flight, or you may reach the airport. Dial the 1 800 744 3672 number and follow the IVR instructions to cancel the flight as follows:

  • Press 1 to make new bookings
  • Press 2 to know the Copa flight status
  • Press 3 if you want to cancel the flight
  • Or you can press * to connect with one of the live agents who will assist you in canceling the flight.

Steps to cancel Copa flight ticket online:

You can also cancel your flight online, which is relatively easy as you can cancel it at home or the office. Here are the steps given to cancel flight Copa Airlines online.

  • Go to the official site of the Copa Airline first.
  • Then you need to open the Manage My Reservation tab.
  • Now enter your personal and ticket details as ticket numbers.
  • Choose the ticket you need to cancel.
  • Hit the cancel button.
  • Pay the cancellation fee if any.
  • And finally, you will receive a confirmation on your registered ID or email.

What is Copa's cancellation policy?

Copa Airline has also formulated the statutes of the cancellation procedure. You are recommended to be aware of these rules of Copa Airline cancellation policy as it will benefit you in the short and long run. The policy points are given as follows:

  • If the Copa has been canceled for some reason, the Airline itself is responsible. Then you will not have to pay any cancellation fee.
  • If customers cancel the flight within 24 hours of the original purchase of the ticket, no cancellation fee will be charged to you, provided the booking was made seven days in advance.
  • If the flight gets canceled due to covid or otherwise, there will be a noncancellation fee.
  • If you had made the booking with a third party, then cancellation will be made only by them, not otherwise.
  • Canceling the ticket after 24 hours of the booking will incur a cancellation fee.

 How much does it cost to cancel a flight Copa?

The cost to cancel the Copa Airline flight varies with respect to the ticket type you are holding. Also, it depends upon the distance you are going to travel. However, the Airline has reduced cancellation costs from the US $100 to US 400. It may be more or less as per other factors.

Does Copa Airlines have a free cancellation? 

Yes, there are several cases when Copa Airlines will approve a cancellation for free. You will be charged with no Copa Airlines cancellation fee if you cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking, provided the booking was made seven days before the flight departure. You can refer to the Copa Airlines Cancellation policy to know such cases.

Can you cancel the Copa flight within 24 hours?

Yes, if you want a full refund, then you can cancel the Copa Airlines ticket within 24 hours of the original purchase of the ticket flight. But the flight has to be booked seven days before the flight departure date.