How to Fly with a Pet on Spirit Airlines?

Can I Bring My Pet on Spirit Airlines?

Only pet parents know what creating new travel memories with their pets is like. The foreseen relationship is inevitably understood and taken well under consideration by Spirit Airlines. The airline never perceived the idea negatively. They introduced the idea of pet travel into their day-to-day aircraft operations. Spirit Airlines makes sure that you and your pet have a safe onboard trip without causing any trouble to the other passengers. You can add a pet to Spirit flight among all the services you purchased against your reservation ticket. 

How do I add a pet to my Spirit reservation?

The fastest way to get a response from someone at Spirit Airlines is via the Live Chat facility available on the following platforms:

Text SMS- You can text Spirit at the SMS number for Spirit Airlines Customer Support, 48763, and ask your query. You'll receive a by-default text in response with a later reply from an executive at Spirit Airlines. You can request the executive to add a pet to your flight booking. 

Spirit Airlines WhatsApp Support- Follow the given steps to access Spirit Airlines via WhatsApp:

  • Open the home page for the official website of Spirit Airlines. 
  • Scroll down at the bottom of your screen for the 'contact us' option for Spirit customer service. 
  • On the center of the page, you will find Spirit Airlines WhatsApp Number: 855-728-3555, or tap on the 'chat with us' link for a similar prompted conversation via chat. 
  • Toggle through the automated texts and ask the Bot to get you a live agent. 

What is Spirit Airlines Pet Policy?

Spirit Airlines has a public pet policy that all passengers can access before adding their pet to a Spirit flight. Here's a summary of all the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy:

  • All pet owners must provide a valid rabies vaccination certification, as mentioned in Spirit Airlines' pet policy, for flying their pet on a Spirit flight operating from Puerto Rico. 
  • Pets can only be accommodated in the cabins. The minimum age limit is 8 weeks. 
  • Pets can not be seated in the front row or exit row and asked for a medical certificate stating they're fit to fly. 
  • Service animals, such as dogs, etc., are also eligible to fly Spirit with their legal trainer. 
  • Requirements for the pet to fly Spirit as per Spirit Airlines pet rules-
  • Only domestic dogs and cats are eligible to fly Spirit.
  • Domestic rabbits and small birds, excluding the flights to Puerto Rico. 

How do I talk to someone at Spirit Airlines about traveling with pets?

Dial the Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number: 1-855-728-3555 or +1-856-545-5988 and follow the given steps to call Spirit Airlines for pet travel: 

  • You can gain access to the customer support number from the official website Contact Us page. 
  • Once you call on the registered helpline for Spirit call centers, you'll be redirected to an automated IVR service provided to all the passengers via voicemail. 
  • This IVR service is a set of prompts between different menus, containing multiple options for you to gain prompted guidance for any customer support you require.
  • Once you enter the designated for any particular option, the IVR service will respond immediately with an accurate solution, pre-designed by Spirit executives to provide virtual assistance. 
  • Press # to speak to a Spirit live agent to ask 'how to add a pet to Spirit Flight' or choose from the list prompts you will hear via voicemail with their respective operational codes.

How much does Spirit charge for a pet?

Spirit charges $125 to add a pet against any flight booking. The applicable fee purchases a reasonable number of services for your pet's comfort.