How do I get a full refund from Airlink Airlines?

How do I get a full refund from Airlink Airlines? 

In the event of an unfortunate change of travel plans, you may have to cancel your Airlink Airlines reservation and request a refund. But you might be wondering how to get a refund from Airlink; well, no worries about that; you can follow the steps below to start your refund request.

  • Go to your Manage My Booking area by browsing the official website.
  • After retrieving your booking credentials, you can make the cancellation.
  • If cancellation has been made already, then you will see a refund option.
  • Kindly fill out the form by going through the instructions.
  • You may have to provide the contact details and a number of documents for proof, banking information, and other travel-related files. 
  • As you have provided the documents and information, kindly save them and continue.
  • Pay the applicable fee and later confirm the submission by hitting the submit option.

What is Airlink Airlines' refund policy? 

Let’s discuss the Airlink refund policy. Here are some of the major key points to keep in mind when making the refunds. 

  • All the refunds will only be made by the ticket holder who paid the ticket fare.
  • Airline will refund the fare against the refundable tickets only or any used portion of it. For Non-refundable tickets, only the applicable charges and taxes will be reimbursed to the person.
  • Before making the refund, ensure that you have made the cancellation properly and kindly provide the correct relevant details.
  • There would be a standard refund administration fee charged either in the form of a cancellation form or an administration fee. The fee would be ZAR440 + 15% VAT.
  • Only those refunds that are made through the accepted mediums will be accepted. Kindly reach out to your travel agency if you have purchased your ticket from any third-party agency.

How long does it take for Airlink to refund? 

Normally, due to a vast number of refund requests received, there may be a processing time or Airlink refund time of up to four months would be taken from the date of submitting the request. Airlink Airlines will make every possible effort to process your refund as quickly as possible. All the refunds will be processed in the form via EFT or the original form of payment.  

How do I contact Airlink for a refund?

You can contact the customer support department to learn more about the refund. If you want to connect with someone, then kindly follow the steps to request a refund on Airlink.

  • Dial 011 451 7550 and follow the call process.
  • Choose the right option.
  • After that, you will be connected with the customer service agent.
  • Speak to an Airlink agent and address your request.

Via email:

Other than that, you can send your concerns through email with an attachment of proper documents like a bank statement, ticket, account number, physical address of the bank, physical address of the account holder along with the ticket number, etc, to or as soon they received your request, the Airlink refund fee as per their refund policy.