Guide To the Delta Checked Baggage Policy, Fees and Times

What is the Delta checked baggage policy?

Delta Airlines has several rules and regulations concerning the baggage you will bring to the flight. You need to get through all these points of the baggage policy of Delta Airlines to enlighten yourself about the same:

  • The passengers can bring 23 kg of delta baggage weight to the Delta flight, and they should ensure not to cross the limit.
  • The maximum dimensions of the bag you can bring is 62 inches or 157 centimeters with length + width + height.
  • The check baggage allowance fee differs each way depending on the route and class.
  • You can check-in and pay for your baggage as soon as you reach the Airport.

According to Delta's checked bag policy, the check-in can take place online, and you can pay for your bags as well. The checking of the bags will happen later. 

  • Oversized, tied with rope, broken, and disfigured bags will not be allowed to enter the flight premises and be rejected because such bags can damage the other bags as well.
  • There are restricted items as well that cannot be brought to the flight, such as lighters, knives, scissors, needles, syringes, etc. 
  • If you are bringing these items because of some major/medical reasons, then first you need to get permission from the Airlines. 

What are the Delta Airlines checked bag fees?

The fee that you have to pay for the checked baggage depends on the class, location, etc., but the delta baggage fees vary from $30 to $60 per bag. If you have crossed the limit and are carrying more bags, then you have to pay extra baggage allowance charges, which again depend on the ticket type and route. 

How many bags does Delta let you check for free?

The Airline allows you to bring one or more than one bag to the flight. It depends on the ticket, and we have mentioned the baggage allowance accordingly:

  • Basic Economy, Main Cabin, and Delta Comfort: 2 free bags (23 kg each)
  • Delta Premium Select: 3 free bags (23 kg each)
  • First Class and Delta One: 3 free bags (32 kg each)

How much is it to check a bag on Delta Basic Economy?

The initial fee that Delta Airlines requires to check in your bags is $30. It can be varied depending on your class, route, and ticket type. 

What is Delta's baggage check-in time?

If you are getting to the Airport for Delta Airlines flights, then the Airline asks you to arrive on time. The Delta checked bag policy time allows you to reach the Airport at least three hours prior to the international flights and two hours before the domestic flights. You have to follow a lot of procedures, facilities, and security checks, so it is better to be early to avoid the inconvenience.