How do I reschedule my flight with Turkish Airlines?

How do I reschedule my flight with Turkish Airlines?

If you are willing to change a flight on Turkish Airlines, follow the modes explained below:

Online change of flight: After it is confirmed that you will be unable to take the scheduled flight owing to unforeseen events. For  Turkish airline change flight online, do the following steps described below:

Steps to change Turkish flight date online:

  • Go to
  • Click on Manage booking tan on the homepage
  • Enter the ticket number and last name
  • See the booking information on the screen
  • Now select flight change from the list 
  • Enter desired date and time for the new flight
  • Pay for the difference of fare and change fee, if required
  • Receive the booking details on the new flight in your email.

Change flight on a call: If you reach Turkish Airlines customer service via phone and request assistance on flight change. To call and change a Turkish airlines flight, go through the easy process mentioned below:

Dial 800 874 8875
Listen to the IVR
Press the given number for flight change or,
Press the key mentioned for talking to a Turkish Airlines person.

Change flight at the airport: Suppose after arriving at the airport, you are unable to board a Turkish Airline flight; you can go to a Turkish Airline counter and change the flight with the help of the counter staff.

Turkish airlines change flight policy:

  • All flight changes must be made one hour before the scheduled flight departure.
  • A flight change, if done within 24 hours of booking, is free of cost.
  • The change fee will depend upon the time of change, fare, and destination of the ticket.
  • An upgrade can be made on the ticket before the scheduled flight departure.
  • Domestic flight tickets cannot be upgraded to international flights.
  • If you miss the Turkish Airline flight, you cannot claim to change your flight.
  • The changed flight rules apply to Turkish Airlines-connected flights.
  • The change on your desired flight will be subject to seat availability and other conditions of Turkish airlines.

How much does it cost to change a flight on Turkish Airlines? 

The details of the Turkish airline's flight change fee will be according to the Turkish Airline's terms and conditions, which are as follows:

No changes can be made when it is less than one hour before the scheduled flight departure.
If changes are made from 1 to 12 hours before the flight, TRY 300 will be charged as a change fee in addition to the fare difference.
If the flight change is done more than 12 hours before the scheduled flight departure, TRY 250 will be charged as a penalty fee with the difference in fare.

Can I change my flight date online to Turkish Airlines? 

Yes, a flight date can be changed online following the Turkish airline's flight change policy. The online method is the most convenient and can be done anytime from the official website or the Turkish airlines app on the phone.

How late can I change my flight with Turkish Airlines?

A Turkish airline flight can be changed until one hour before the scheduled departure. No changes will be made once the flight has departed and you have missed the flight.

How to contact Turkish airlines for a change of flight?

Suppose you have some queries and doubts regarding Turkish airlines changing ticket date online, you can reach customer service in the following ways:

Through phone: You can call Turkish Airlines customer service and clear the doubts to access the online process for a change of flight. To call and speak to a person:

  • Call 800 874 8875
  • Press the mentioned key to connect with a customer service person directly
  • Discuss your doubts and get assistance to change the flight date.
  • And also get information on the terms and conditions to change flights without paying any charge.

Through social media: Suppose there is an urgent situation where you need to change the flight to some other date, and the call is not connecting; the best option is to send a message through a Turkish Airlines social media page for immediate response.