How do I cancel my Vistara international flight?

How do I cancel my Vistara international flight? 

If you want to cancel your Vistara flight ticket, please choose either of the method described below according to your convenience:

Online cancellation: You can apply an online procedure anytime to cancel the tickets immediately. For this procedure, you can log in from your laptop or phone and follow the directions as mentioned:

Steps to cancel Vistara flight ticket online:

  • Reach the official webpage of Vistara Airlines
  • Click on the ‘plan travel’ tab on the homepage
  • Select manage my booking from the drop-down list
  • type your booking reference number and last name
  • Retrieve your booking details 
  • Choose the cancel option
  • Pay the cancellation fees, if required
  • Complete the procedure and get confirmation on the canceled tickets.

Call Vistara airline to cancel tickets: 

You can call Vistara customer service and get assistance with the cancellation of tickets. The customer service representative will help you and give related information on the cancelation and refund policy. To call for cancellation, do as explained:

  • Dial +1 4804435249
  • Press the IVR number to connect with a person.
  • Share your booking details and get the cancellation done with assistance.

Cancel at Vistara Airport:

Under emergency conditions, a Vistara flight ticket can be canceled at the airport counter before the scheduled flight's departure.

What is Vistara Airlines' cancellation policy?

To learn about the cancellation rules and conditions, you must go through the Vistara Airlines cancellation policy described below:

  • If the ticket is canceled within 24 hours of booking, the cancellation charges will be waived. 
  • To cancel the tickets without charges, it must be done 7 days before the scheduled flight departure.
  • If the ticket is canceled after the 24-hour risk-free period until the scheduled flight's departure, a cancellation charge will be levied.
  • The tickets must be canceled before the scheduled flight's departure.
  • The cancellation policy is applicable only on tickets that are booked from the official website of Vistara or the phone app.
  • Complimentary tickets cannot be canceled.
  • Only Vistara customer service can cancel the tickets.
  • If the airline cancels the flight, passengers will be informed seven days before the departure date or at least 24 hours prior.

How much does it cost to cancel the Vistara flight ticket? 

The Vistara airlines cancellation fees vary between $100 - $500 and depend on the following factors:

Class and fare of the ticket
Time of cancellation

What happens if I cancel my Vistara flight ticket?

After you cancel the Vistara flight online or through other ways, you can check your refund eligibility and further request the refund of the ticket amount from Vistara Airlines with appropriate procedures.

How do I contact Vistara for flight cancellation?

To cancel a Vistara reservation, you can contact customer service in the following way:

Through phone: for assistance and information on the ticket cancellation, you can call Vistara customer service at +1 4804435249 and receive confirmation immediately.

Through WhatsApp: For an urgent query on cancellation, you can use the WhatsApp service and get a response in a short while.

Does Vistara refund if the flight is Cancelled?

If the scheduled flight is canceled by Vistara Airlines, you will receive a full refund under the following circumstances:

  • If no prior notice was given 24 hours before the cancellation 
  • If you are not booked on the next flight to your destination.
  • Vistara will contact you at the given email address and contact number.

How do I get a refund if I cancel my Vistara flight?

To get the refund after cancellation, you can submit a form that is given to passengers to fill in with the necessary details of booking and cancellation. To fill out the form, do the following:

  • Go to the official website of Vistara 
  • Reach the contact us page
  • Choose the form given for inquiry 
  • Enter the relevant details
  • Submit the form 

Vistara customer service will evaluate and revert to you with complete information on the refund status and related information.