How can I get a full refund on an Air India ticket?

How can I get my refund from Air India?

If you have a reservation with Air India and due to certain conditions that could affect your travel like lousy weather circumstances, medical emergency, or a delayed flight and you want to cancel your reservation and access get a refund from Air India, then the best you can proceed is filling refund application online and for that you can read the following passage for help.

Easy steps to fill out a refund application at Air India: 

  • Visit the official website of Air India. 
  • Now, you will have to choose the book and manage the icon.
  • Next, tap over the refund request icon. 
  • After which, you have to enter the booking reference code/PNR number along with the last name of the passenger 
  • Retrieve your ticket, and you will have the refund form against your ticket;
  • Fill up the form first by entering the trip type, mentioning the class number of passengers, and then tapping the reasons icon.
  • Further, you will receive the confirmation email with the complete references on the requested refund summary.

How much refund will I get if I cancel my Air India ticket?

As you wished to cancel your Air India ticket online and established the proper procedure to request your ticket refund, you cannot gather information on refunds. So, as per the cancellation policy, if a passenger cancels an Air India ticket, then the cost would be payable as per the fare type you purchased 24 hours from purchase, and on the other hand, if Air India cancels your ticket, then you are eligible to receive full refunds.

Does Air India give a full refund?

Yes, Air India offers a full refund under the terms and conditions if the cancellation is made directly from the airline or if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours according to Air India's refund policy; in both conditions, passengers can get full refunds without any charges. However, if the cancellation is made ahead of the free window, you must pay penalty charges. 

How long does it take to get a refund from Air India?

The time taken for the refunds to get processed at Air India will always vary because of the trip type you purchased with the airline. However, if you want to get the information on Air India refund time, you can read two essential points below for reference. 

In case you have purchased an online ticket, then 7-10 business days are there to get refunds 
Or else, if the booking is made at the airport ticket counter, you will get the refund within 15-20 business days.

What is the problem with the Air India refund?

As per the refund policy at Air India refund not received could be due to a shortage in staff, or it may be taking long hours to process the refund request, so in those uneven circumstances, you will face a refund query quite easily.