How do I make a group booking with Air Europa?

How do I make a group booking with Air Europa?

Suppose you wish to create a group booking with Air Europa, and you can speak with customer support, and you will get the booking details within a second. For  Air Europa group booking, you need the details of customer support, and you can follow the given steps-

  • Dial Air Europa's phone number- 844 415 39 55. 
  • Follow the voice prompts and press the command according to the query. 
  • Ask the representative to create the booking. 
  • Provide the required details to the representative. 
  • They will provide you with the price, negotiate with the price and get a final price from the representative. 
  • After that, they will reserve your flight and provide you with the confirmation. 

What are the benefits of Air Europa Group booking? 

You want to create the booking in a group, and you also require information about Air Europa Group booking benefits; you can read the given information here

  • Travelers can reserve their flights, and the airline allows them to make any changes to them within 24 hours of the flight departure. 
  • When a traveler creates a group booking, all the members have a valid email address to join the group and will get a notification from the airline. 
  • The airline allows travelers to change their names up to 3 characters.
  • Imagine the airline makes any changes without informing you; you don’t have to pay the penalty charges.  
  • The Air Europa will provide you with a priority check-in. 
  • When you create the booking in a group, you will get benefits from the airline up to 50 to 70% on your flights. 

How do I get a boarding pass for a group booking with Air Europa?

You require a boarding pass for your group booking, and you can visit the airport. At the airport, you can go to the group check-in counter and ask the representative for the check-in. They will do the check-in and provide the boarding pass, and your group will be able to board the flight easily. 

How much baggage is allowed in Air Europa for a group booking?

A passenger wants to know information about the baggage, they can check the Air Europa group booking policy, and they will acquire the information quickly. Here are some details about the baggage-

  • If you are traveling on domestic & medium-haul flights and have brought a business fare, you can bring 2 pieces of baggage up to 23 kg each.
  • When traveling on long-haul flights, you can bring the 3 pieces up to 23 kg each. 
  • If you bring baggage more than the dimensions and the weight, you must pay the charges. You can bring the baggage according to the airline allowance to avoid the penalty fees. 

Is it cheaper to book a group flight with Air Europa?

Yes, the airline is cheaper to book a group flight. Even you can compare the prices of the other airline. To acquire more information, you can contact Air Europa for group booking, and you will get all the information from the representative within a second.