Learn how to get a refund from Philippine Airlines online & Policy

How do I get a refund from Philippine Airlines?

When an individual is permitted to get a refund from Philippine Airlines, they must submit the refund request to customer service. In case you are worried about how to get a refund from Philippine Airlines, you can send the online refund request straight from the official site. 

To learn about the online refund request method, refer to the below guide:

  • Begin with visiting the Philippine Airlines site,
  • Forward on the “myPAL Request Hub” page,
  • In the same, you can find the “Submit Request” option,
  • Choose the “Refund Application” option on the directed page,
  • Next, choose the mode of purchasing the ticket,
  • Fill in the mode of payment option,
  • Next, add the personal and flight ticket details in the form,
  • Adding all the necessary information, you can submit the same,
  • Now, your request for the refund will be submitted to PAL Airlines, and you will receive an acknowledged email. 

What is Philippine Airlines' refund policy? 

If you would like to go through with the Philippine Airlines refund policy once to know about the conditions, here the policies are listed:

  • The refund request for canceling a flight must be submitted at PAL Airlines within 7 days from the date of boarding to get back your money. 
  • One can avail a full refund of the flight ticket if it is canceled within 24 hours of making the reservation. 
  • The Philippine Airlines refund fee will be deducted from the total fare if the cancellation of the flight is made after passing the 24 hours of purchase time. 
  • In condition of a flight cancellation by PAL Airlines, all the ticket holders will be eligible to get a full fare refund on the original form of payment. 
  • The cancellation of a flight due to a long delay in boarding will also be free of any deduction on the total fare, and you will get a full refund. 
  • The refund for the non-refundable PAL Airlines tickets will be offered as travel points or travel vouchers. 

How do I email a PAL refund? 

One can choose to email PAL Airlines requesting the refund, and an agent will consider the same based on the policies. The provided official email address for a refund claim is onlinebooking_refunds@philippineairlines.com. A person must send the details for the refund to the agent on this with the ticket purchaser’s email address. 

How long does it take for Philippine Airlines to refund? 

Philippine Airlines takes 7 to 14 to process the refund from the date of the refund claim. In case you did not receive your refund amount even after 14 days, you can consider checking Philippine Airlines refund status on the site or by calling the live agent at the customer service. The unique number shared on the refund acknowledged email will help you check the status of the submitted refund request. 

How do I contact Philippine Airlines for a refund?

To contact customer service for a flight ticket refund, you will have to make a call using the Philippine Airlines refund hotline number: 1-800-435-9725. As you joined the call with a representative, you must share your ticket number and full name to submit the request for a refund. Share the mandatory information the representative asks for.