How do I cancel my United flight?

How do I cancel my United flight reservation?

United Airlines is the third largest airline in the world. It travels to hundreds of destinations across the world. Suppose travelers have made planned a trip and booked a United flight ticket, but due to unforeseen circumstances, they want to cancel the flight ticket. In this case, the airline provides you with two options either online or offline. Below we have explained how to cancel United airline's booking.

Steps to cancel a United flight online:

  1. Visit the official United Airlines website (
  2. Click on the "My Trip" section.
  3. Enter your ticket confirmation number and your last name and search for your flight.
  4. Now, you can see all flight reservations that you have made by the airline.
  5. Choose a flight you want to cancel and mention your reason for ticket cancellation.
  6. Pay the United flight cancellation charges if required.
  7. The airline will send you a confirmation email on your email id or phone number.

Cancel a United flight by phone:

You can also cancel the flight ticket by using their official phone number and contacting their representative. 

Dial the United Airlines phone number 1 (800) 864-8331 & select the option from the IVR menu 

Press 1 To manage your bookings
Press 2 For baggage-related issues
Press 3 For special assistance
Press 4 For flight cancellation and refund
Press # To request a callback.

Always refer to the United Airlines cancellation policy before applying for cancellation.

United Airlines cancellation policy: 

United Airlines follows a strict cancellation policy which tends to be followed if you want to cancel your flight. A quick overview is given below;

  • If you book your flight a week or more before the date of departure and you request to cancel your flight within 24 hours of the booking, you are eligible for free cancellation.
  • If due, for some reason, you make a request to change flight after 24 hours, then United Airlines is liable to charge you some fee.
  • These policies are only applicable if you are traveling within the U.S. or between the U.S. and Mexico & Caribbean.
  • Also, the cancellation policy of United airlines primarily depends on and is applicable to the type of ticket purchased. 
  • In the case United Airlines cancel the flight, they will provide you with the next available flight or travel vouchers that you can use for your future travel plans.

How much does it cost to cancel a flight on United?

  • United Airlines provides two types of tickets that are refundable and nonrefundable. 
  • If you possess a refundable ticket and you request to change your flight within 24 hours of booking, then you will not be charged a single penny; that is, it is free of cost.
  • If you are canceling domestic flights then you have to pay the amount of 200 dollars and 400 dollars for the flight cancellation of the international flight fares.

Can I cancel my United flight without a fee?

Yes, all the customers of United airlines have the privilege to cancel a flight without a fee, provided that they choose to cancel their flight ticket within 24 hours of the flight booking and they must purchase a ticket a week or more before the actual traveling date. Basically, united cancellation fees depend on your time of cancellation.

Can I cancel my flight on United 24 hours after booking?

  • Yes, you can cancel the United Airlines flight 24 hours after booking.
  • You have the right to withdraw your reservation once payment for your booking is made.
  • If you purchased the refundable United ticket, then you can also request a refund for your ticket. The refund will be given in the same payment mode.

Can I cancel my United flight without penalty?

You must take care that you need to cancel your United flight within 24 hours of booking if you want to avail the benefit of a refund. If you wish not to pay the penalty, then the above condition must be followed, and also make sure your date of flight ticket purchase is not less than seven days. The cost to cancel a flight on United is negligible if you obey this.

What happens if my Jetblue flight ticket is nonrefundable?

If a United flight is nonrefundable, then you are not eligible to get a refund from United airlines. You can use the fare of the canceled ticket either to book a new ticket, or you can request the airline to provide you the travel vouchers that you can use for your future bookings.