How do I contact American Airlines by phone?

How do I contact American Airlines by phone?

If you are planning a flight trip with American Airlines and want to know more about their holiday packages, then you can do it easily by calling American Airlines customer service number 800-433-7300. But if you are searching for a way to reach the helpdesk of the airline, then keep on reading the information below to find out the best ways to connect with the support team instantly.

How can I speak to American Airlines immediately?

Passengers can use multiple methods to contact American Airlines, and some of these methods can provide you with instant solutions for the issue that you are facing. Some of these methods can get you instant solutions, and some of the methods will take much more time to get the revert. 

Through call:

Passengers can dial the American airline's phone number, which is variable on the official website's contact us tab. This number is available for travelers 24/7, so you can reach out to it anytime. The best time to call the support team is from early morning, 7 am to 12 pm.

Speak to Amercian Airline live person at 800-433-7300 

Follow the IVR commands on call. Choose your preferred dialect to communicate.

  • Press 1 for flight reservation.
  • Press 2 for flight cancellation.
  • Press 3 to get compensation for a delayed flight and lost or damaged luggage.
  • After hitting the related key, wait for a little bit as your call reaches the agent and gets the needed support from him.

Through email:

You can also send an email to the American Airlines customer service email address. To send an email you have to fill out the forms. Here we have mentioned the email form link, just click on this, and without any problem fill out the form.

Through live chat:

You can also connect with the support team by using the live chat option. You can get instant support by using this option.

  • You have to visit the official website of the airline,
  • Go to the contact us tab available at the top of the home page and select it.
  • Now you will get sent to the next page, and from there, you have to choose the 'chat with us tab.
  • A blank chat window will pop up on your page, and you have to write a brief of your situation there.
  • Select the shown prompts to get an accurate response from the agent and wait for a bit till the representative is variable to attend the chat.

Is American Airlines' call center 24 hours? 

Yes, you can speak to an American airline agent anytime, as they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide support.

Can I text American Airlines customer service? 

Yes, you can connect with the support team by sending a text message with the word "HELP" to FLYAA (35922).

How do I get American Airlines to call me back?

If you want to arrange a call back for yourself at your preferred time, then you can do it easily by using the Contact Form option. You can start by visiting the contact form page at Now you have to fill out the asked details and complete the form and submit it. You will receive a revert within 5-7 business days.