How do I choose my seat on Avianca?

How do I choose my seat on Avianca?

Most airlines, including Avianca, provide their customers the facility to choose their desired seats for traveling. You can select your seat while making a reservation or even after flight booking. You can select the seats from the following available options:

  1. Flatbed seats: The comfortable seats that provide reclination up to 180 degrees. It facilitates its passengers with private space and onboard entertainment.
  2. Premium seats: Comfortable seats are generally present in 1-3 rows of the plane
  3. Plus seats: Generally preferred by long route travelers due to extra space.
  4. Economy seats: Ideal if you wish to save your money as they are the cheapest available options.
  5. Empty seats: If you prefer extra space, choose this seat.

The seat selection procedure is straightforward & is described in the following section.

Steps to choose a seat on Avianca:

You must follow the following steps to choose a seat on Avianca in the same order:

  • Visit the official Aviance website through a browser. You can also use the official airline application on your device.
  • From the topmost menu bar, select the option “my trips .
  • Login into your existing account. You can, in fact, log in using your Google or Apple account.
  • To find your flight enter the reference number and last name and click on the continue button.
  • After discovering your ticket, click on the seat selection option. You will be shown a seat map from which you can choose your seat according to your preference and availability.
  • After selecting the seat, make the payment and click the confirm button.

How do I select my seat after booking on Avianca? 

If you have already booked Aviansa flight and wish to select a flight after reservation, then Avianca enables you to select the seat after making a reservation. You can either select a seat online or by calling the ticket center.

To select a seat after reservation, the passengers must follow the following steps.

Steps to choosing a seat after booking on Avianca:

1)Visit the official website and login into your account using your credentials.
2)Now, navigate to the “manage booking” option and select your flight ticket.
3)Press on the edit option once you discover your reserved flight. 
4)Click on the select seat option and see the available options. You must check the additional charges to be paid for your preferred seat and proceed to click on the continue button.
5)Once you decide on the seat, you can click on the payment option and choose your preferred mode to make a payment.
6)Tick the confirm checkbox. On hitting the confirmation button, you will be sent a confirmation mail on your registered number or email address.

You can also select a seat during check-in, but the chances of getting your desired seat will be very few. 

 Avianca Airline seat selection policy: 

Avianca has maintained certain rules and policies for seat selection. The passenger must obey Avianca Airline seat selection policy to select the desired seat. These policies are:

1)You can select seats if you are traveling in either Business or first class. If you are traveling via economy class, then your seat will be allotted automatically by the airlines.
2)If you prefer to book a seat near the emergency exit, then you must be 

  • Above 15 years
  • Should not be pregnant
  • Must know English or Spanish
  • Travel without babies younger than two years.

3)If you have any medical emergency and want to reserve a seat near the washroom, then you must provide the supporting documents to avoid any extra charges.
4)The Avianca seat selection totally depends upon the availability of the seat, and you need to pay the extra fare if you desire to upgrade your seat.

Do you have to pay for a seat on Avianca? 

Yes, if you wish to upgrade your seat from economy to business class or to first class, then you are required to pay the extra charge for seat booking. Also, if you want extra comfort and privacy during your journey, you can purchase seats according to your preference.

Does Avianca seat families together?

Yes, Avianca facilitates you to book seats along with your family. So that you can travel together, in order to fly together with your family or friends, you must check the seat availability on the seat map and proceed to book standard seats. To seat select on Avianca with your family, book your tickets early.

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